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Instructions  :  To use it 

  • Open GTA V 
  • Get inside the LSCM Vehicle modifier Check whether U have unlocked it or not 
  • if not then download the file below extract the rar and then open Xenos injector and inject the bigbasev2.dll and select process as GTA V.exe then inject 
  • Now on Game press "Insert" Key and Open the Tab Preset Unlocks below u find the liveries click on that ,if u want to max stat and unlock fast run can also click on that 
  • then once again Enter  to LSCM Vehicle Modification Check on liveries u would be see that u have unlocked the liveries thats it Win-Win 
  • Caution - the unlocks cant be Revert Back once its unlocked that in case u need to play with other character or delete ur whole character 
  • This method is tested and marked as safe by Sam wholly 2 Weeks 
  • if u still find trouble downloading or setting the things make sure u watch the video clearly and if still it persists make a ticket on discord server or join there someone else will help you out 


Bootstrap Example

3 Steps to UNLOCK the Download

No responsibility is held or accepted for misuse.

Use at your own risk!

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