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NOTE : if you have Already Subscribed Just Click on Subscribe on youtube Button and Wait for 2 sec and close the tab and got to second option and like video and close to unlock the link Happy Modding

Instructions  : 

 Hello! This is a tutorial on how to earn unlimited rp with the help of Kiddions!

(The Safest Way)
I've used this ever since Kiddions came out for the 1.57 update and I haven't gotten banned

Step 1. Open Kiddions and go to "Tunables" and put your RP Multiplier to 100 or less.
If you put it to any number higher than 100 you will not get any rp

Step 2. Download the Teleport.json file.

Step 3. Extract the Teleport.json file to your "modest-menu" folder and overwrite the existing file.
You have now installed the file

Step 4. Open Kiddions and go to Teleport > Custom Location and proceed to teleport to "Time Trail".

Step 5. You then want to start the time trail and teleport to "Finish Line"
Now you repeat the steps by teleporting back and forth
Don't forget to start the time trail.

Bootstrap Example

3 Steps to UNLOCK the Download


No responsibility is held or accepted for misuse.

Use at your own risk!

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