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                                                                          Important :                                                                        

NOTE : if you have Already Subscribed Just Click on Subscribe on youtube Button and Wait for 2 sec and close the tab and got to second option and like video and close to unlock the link Happy Modding

Instructions  :  To use it 

Step 1 : Open GTA V Story Mode or Online Mode 

Step 2 : Open the Downloaded Rar Extract ElbSetup and Install to your Suitable Location ,OPen the launcher from installed folder 

Step 3 : After opening Launcher u would see the Box like this in the below image Press on Get Key 

Step 4 :  It opens to u a Work.ink Website to get ur key. complete the Process u would get a txt.file open the file and copy and paste on the box press on Inject and Click ok when it says Injecting 

Step 5 : after been presing ok the menu will automatically be installed ,after its injected press ok 

Step 6 : After Been Injected open GTA V and Press * or F5 to Open the menu to navigate Use numkeys or Arrows on the Keyboard ,Enjoy ^_^

Changelog of v 1.8 :

 -Added Bunker Research Unlock -Added Notify When Player Enter In A Vehicle -Added Spoofer In Protections (Money, RP, Level, KD) -Added Model Blocker (Anti Crash By Models) -Added Off The Radar -Improve Options Safety -Improve DLL Entry Point -Improve Amogus Crash To ELB Crash -Improve Kick -Remove Model Crash -New Banner

in-  Game Picture : 

Download Here Below 

Bootstrap Example

3 Steps to UNLOCK the Download

No responsibility is held or accepted for misuse.

Use at your own risk!

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