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NOTE : if you have Already Subscribed Just Click on Subscribe on youtube Button and Wait for 2 sec and close the tab and got to second option and like video and close to unlock the link Happy Modding

Instructions  :  To use it 

Step 1 : Open GTA V in Normally As usal in fullscreen  

Step 2 : When u have loaded online sucessfully the open the downloaded rar  

Step 3 : Extract those files to Desktop and Open the Segs Loader as Administraor and make sure u truned off ur antivirus 

after opening segs launcher u get 2 options "getkey" and "login "

Step 4 : Press on GET KEY to open the from linkvertise and complete the process of linkvertise that it redirect to downlaod the key page ,Copy the ket from the page and paste in the field of the segs launcher 

Step 5 : Press on Login Press OK When u see "Crashu" prompt dialouge appers then if u have already opened gtav then select Direct and press inject .

Step 6 : Wait till it loads online and while it injects ,after injects succesffulyy in cmd ,open gta v and Press INSERT key to open the Menu to Change the Options Press PAGEUP OR PAGEDOWN


[+] More Vehicles To Vehicle Gun [+] More Body Gaurd Models [+] Vehicle Config Loader [+] Weapon Unlimited Range [+] Weapon No Spread [+] Weapon Damge Buff [+] Weapon No Recoil [+] Minjob Payout Changer [+] Improved UI [+] Added Detach Ramp [+] Kill All Enemies [+] Custom Coords Saver (C - > Seggs / Teleports /) [+] Teleport to saved teleport [-] Fixed Telelport To WayPoint [+] Improved Player Invisblity (Local, Network , Both); [+] Welcome Screen [+] Cayo Perico Hiest Target Changer [+] Ca***o Hiest Target Changer [+] Valentine Gift Unlocks [+] Ca***o Gift Unlocks [+] X-MAS Gift Unlocks [+] Gift I Unlocks [+] Gift II Unlocks [+] Cam Fire to attachments [+] Punching Bag to attachments [+] Attach Self To Player [+] Detach Self To Player [=] Give Player All Weapons [+] Remade LSC Customs [+] Custom CrossHair [+] Color Changer for Custom CrossHair [+] Custom Size For Custom CrossHair [+] Yoga God [+] Spin Bot [+] Drive Through Cars [+] Unlock All Achievements [+] Heal In Cover [+] Ultra Jump [+] Rest Model [+] Rest Outfit [+] Random Outfit [+] Redone Unlocks [+] Ped Size Changer [+] Clone Player As Bodyguard [+] Remote Airstirke gun [=] Cayo Perico Heist - Normal Difficulty Muliplier - Hard Difficulty Muliplier [+] Explode Entities Submenu - Enable - Target - Type - Damge - Is Invisable - Is Audible

in-  Game Picture : 

Download Here Below 

Bootstrap Example

3 Steps to UNLOCK the Download

No responsibility is held or accepted for misuse.

Use at your own risk!

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