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Gta 5 kiddions rigging

NOTE : if you have Already Subscribed Just Click on Subscribe on youtube Button and Wait for 2 sec and close the tab and got to second option and like video and close to unlock the link Happy Modding

Instructions  :  To use it 

Step 1 : Open GTA V Online &Make sure you have been opened gta 5 in windowed /borderless mode to run the Kiddions Menu 

Step 2 : When ur at the Casino open the Teleports Custom Locations there would be just 2 locations saved use them first teleport to cashier and get 1000 chips 

Step 3 : Later Teleport to area with have more than 01 machine with higly chips (Gems or Deputy of the Suns (i don't remember the name)) turn Kiddions on, go to Teleport -> Custom Locations -> Add Curent Location (the reason why i said not to choose exactly 1 machines because somtimes npc sit in there. and we need to find another machines, so choose area with more than to have more choices) ( this location is Casino slots teleport saved)

Step 4 : After sitting on the Chair First  Bet for 500 and loose them and again 500 /1000 u may loose it too , this is random u just need to loose so if u have lost 2 times then turn on the kiddions Online Services Rigging and Place ur max bet to 2500 and u may win and get 2.5m ,after u won just move out of the area and open the teleports and teleport to gate out then gate in again loose 2 and win 1 so in a hour u could make easily 20-30m ,and i suggest dont go beyond 30 millions 

Step 5 : This is What i Personally tried and use this like loose 2 times and win 1 time and re join again so it may cooldown ^_^

More Information :  

Staying in the ranges of 10-15 million is SOMEWHAT safe, but don't push it. Word of advice, just get money you can and will spend. Used it twice and haven't been banned. Account age - 4 months, both times 80 mil.

in-  Game Picture : 

Some Screenshot of Mod Menu During Gameplay 

Bootstrap Example

To Download the File you Need to Complete these 3Tasks that is
1.Subscribe ,
Then the blue colored Tasks boxes will unlock as soon the task been Completed and Finally Red Download button Unlocks and then you will be Redirected to the Download Page

3 Steps to UNLOCK the Download

No responsibility is held or accepted for misuse.

Use at your own risk!

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