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Gta 5 kiddions Dre script for 1.58

Instructions  :   

Step 1 : Open GTA V Online & Turn off Any Defender or Antivirus on Your Pc / laptop if its Automatically Been Deleted After Downloading 

Step 2 : Then Open Extract the File inside the Rar  "2.0milliondrdre.lua" & "Setup Dre.lua" to your Kiddions Folder - Scripts (Kiddions/Scripts) Place the Lua there

Step 3 :it may look like in the below image 

Step 4 : Now Open GTA V When Your in the Agency and Completed all The Cutscenes Just Launch Kiddions - Scripts and Select "Setup Dre Mission" and Press Select and Before Going to the Yellow Marker Near Franklin Office Just on Scripts Select Dre Payout to $2,000,000 And Press Set and Launch the Mission

Step 5 : After Been Selected Launch the Mission and at the Final You will Get 2,000,000 Deposit in Your Bank ^_^ 

More Information : Cut Informations and Credits to #xChill95

Run this script during the Dre finale to increase the payout up to $2.4 million. I haven't tried higher than that, but I'm pretty sure I read somewhere $2.4 million was the max to still get paid:

in-  Game Picture : 

Some Screenshot of Mod Menu During Gameplay 

Bootstrap Example

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