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Gta 5 nightclub stock refill script

Instructions  :   

Step 1 : Open GTA V Online & Turn off Any Defender or Antivirus on Your Pc / laptop if its Automatically Been Deleted After Downloading 

Step 2 : Then Open Extract the File inside the Rar  "NightclubCargo 3.5m.lua" to your Kiddions Folder - Scripts (Kiddions/Scripts) Place the Lua there

Step 3 :it may look like in the below image 

Step 4 : Now Open GTA V When Your Online ,When ur in Your Nightclub Computer open the Menu and when u have atleast one Stock to sell then open the Menu Scripts and Change the Value of 1 Crate to 3,300,000 and sell them ,so if u have 20 Crates then Sell the Value to 1500 So u get 3,000,000 and Enjoy 

Step 5 : when ur in selling the carte just use Teleport to objective and Boom u get easily 3.4 Million and 3 million for 20 Crates but Dont Spawn Much 

More Information : Thanks to myself and Globals thanks to Boredom1234 

Script is made by By some Stuff around the UC lying there and Thanks to Boredom for this Globals 

in-  Game Picture : 

Some Screenshot of Mod Menu During Gameplay 

Bootstrap Example

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Use at your own risk!

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