Gta 5 specialcargo script

Instructions : 

Step 1 : After Downloading the Script or file,if you have encountered if its been deleted automatically then perhaps you need to give your antivirus exclusion to this file,to not to delete then redownload again

Step 2 : So When its Downloaded if its Lua then okay ,if its in a Rar File Format then you need to have a Winrar Software to Extract the File to Desktop ,its a free software you wil be get in Google you may download there

Step 3 :it may look like in the below image how tthe lua is extracted to desktop 

Step 4 : Now Open GTA V When Your Online ,When u Put Your Foot on the Ground and make sure your on windowed mode or windowed borderless mode then Copy the "specialcargo1.59.lua" to kiddions/scripts folder
you can see the below image how it looks in the folder 

Step 5 : So Now after Opened Menu you could see the Scripts Tab,as its 0.9.2 menu it says its incompatible version press OK then Select Scripts Tab and when ur in Warehouse then select 1 Crate Value to $5.50,0000 and Sell it  ,thats it Enjoy^_^

More Information : This Script Credits to #SuddenlyDie from UC All Rights Recieved

Caution : Main Thread Link - i Have Forget to put it here

in-  Game Picture : 

Some Screenshot of Mod Menu During Gameplay 

Bootstrap Example

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  1. This script It doesn't work anymore after last patch



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