Gta 5 1 second cayo script

Instructions  :  To use it 

Step 1 : Open GTA V Online Make Sure ur Antivirus or Any Windows Defender is Turned Off Becasue it may delete the files

Step 2 : When u have Loaded GTA V Online then Copy the Downloaded Lua that is "inistant cayo" to Kiddions/Scripts Folder 

Step 3 : Then Launch the Menu and Navigate to Scripts Tab , if you have already opened the menu then press on reload scripts under settings 

Step 4 : Then Prepare the Cayo Setup it Can be anysetup either Hard More or Normal Mode just use the Cayo Skip Script   

Step 5 : When Everything is Ready then Just Launch the Heist of Cayo Perico and the 1 second cayo script will only works with 1 player and only 1.25 Million you will be Recieving

Step 6 : As Soon the Cutscene of the Entry is been Done then Open the Scripts tab and Press on Instant perico heist passed & Immediately perico heist passed

Step 7 : So as the Cutscene Ends it You will be Awarded with 1.25Million with Mission Passed Screen Out and Then Spawned into a new Session there, Thats it enjoy ^_^

More Information :  Credits to #AureIN For Sharing the the Locals of the Heist and Sharing With us and thanks for posting on UC

Caution I Strongly Advice you Dont Modify the Script or Involve Abusing the Heist give a Cooldown of Atleast 10 -15 minutes before starting other time

in-  Game Picture : 

Some Screenshot of Mod Menu During Gameplay 

Bootstrap Example

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Use at your own risk!

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