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Gta 5 warehouse manager script for kiddions mod menu

Instructions  :  To use it 

Step 1Open GTA V Online Make Sure you have Loaded into Online Completley and then

Step 2Make Sure your Opening the Menu from Folder not Directly from Zip or Rar Becasue it Doesnt Load the Files if your opening from Zip or Rar , so try to copy the files to desktop from Zip or rar then open Directly from Folder from anywhere like (Desktop or your Drives ) After Extracting it 

Step 3 : Then Copy the Downloaded Lua that is "WarehouseManager - v1.61" Lua Script to Modest Menu Kiddions / Scripts Folder like it should be "C:\Users\Sam\Desktop\modest-menu_v0.9.4\scripts"

Step 4 : Then you Need to Start the Game Online and wait for it load Completely then ,then Open the Scripts Navigate to 

Step 5 : Then if you already have any Cargo ready to sell then go to your Warehouse and Check the Sale Price of 1 Crate it would be $10,000

Step 6 : So Exit the Laptop Screen and Open Menu>Scripts>Ceo Warehouse Manger and Set the Price of 1 Crate to 7.5 Million and Press Set now Login into the Laptop  

Step 7 : Then Sell the Crate and you will be recieved the Set price you activated there that is 7.5 Million and if you want to Change the Total Sals and Earnings then go to the Below Options and Set them to See Changes Just Change the Session!, Thats it enjoy ^_^

More Information :  Credits to #Booka7 Sharing the Updated Globals and #Roy007 who tried to Cleanup the Mess without having to find the Globals somewhere

Caution  if you Change the Sale Price more than 7.5 Million I highly recommend you dont do it it invloves a high value basket transactions with rockstar servers ,so try to be safe in $7.5 Million Price and Dont change the Sale's and Earnings you made to look Illegal alltime just make it looks legit.

in-  Game Picture : 

Some Screenshot During Gameplay 

Bootstrap Example

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  1. Idk why but it tells me to relog when i do one crate

    1. bro keep price 7.4 or low for 1 crate


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