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Aimbot script 

Instructions  :  To use it 

Step 1Open GTA V Online Make Sure you have Loaded into Online Completley and then

Step 2Right Now this File you downloaded is a Tool, so open the tool with admin permission  

Step 3 : If the File is been Deleted then give a exclusion to the folder or the location sometimes it also detect as a false positive so just give a exclusion to it

Step 4 : Then Launch the Gta 5 Online when your in the Lobby them Open the tool a Cmd program and a Mini version of External tool will be opened 

Step 5 : So to open the Popup Press the "Insert" Key to open the Popup of the Tool Select what options you want to use 

Step 6 : Either Exclude Aimbot to Self or Peds or if you want to have a TriggerBot then add the trigger bot in the Tick Section

Step 7 : So Thats the Whole Scenario of the Tool that how it works , Thats it enjoy ^_^

More Information :  
Credits to #AureIN Sharing the Tool in the UC Community Forum !

Caution :  
Please Remember this ,dont impact anything on your Account or any Ban Wave its Just a Fun and Simple  External Script !

in-  Game Picture : 

Some Screenshot During Gameplay 

Bootstrap Example

2 Steps to Unlock Download Like & Comment

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Want to Download Without Timer then Complete these 2 Tasks Above that is
1.Like ,2.Comment then press on red Download Button

No responsibility is held or accepted for misuse.

Use at your own risk!

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