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Instructions  :  To use it 

Step 1Open GTA V Online Make Sure you have Loaded into Online Completley and then

Step 2Right Now this File you downloaded is a Script , so Copy or Move the Script to 

Step 3Your Kiddions Modest Menu Locations inside the Scripts Folder , example :- C:\Users\Sam\Desktop\modest-menu - v.9.6\scripts\

Step 4 : Then Launch the Menu Directly , or if the menu is already been Opened then go to Settings and Reload the Scripts 

Step 5 : This Script will be Named "Orbital Refund"  Select it when you open the submenu you see a 2 different titles named
Step 6 : 500k and 750k Select which you like to do and i suggest Stay with 500k because it triggers low transaction cost and dont override the Limit that is 20Million per day

Step 7 : Also dont continously keep spamming give a 1 second of the time break and then trigger other time becuase if you trigger without waiting it may show you transaction failed error , Thats it enjoy ^_^

More Information :  
Credits to #Booka7 Sharing the New Globals for us in the Community and thanks for him for finding the globals and all

Caution :  
Please Remember to stay low key and dont go beyond 20Million Per Day or it may trigger some serious issue with your account !

in-  Game Picture : 

Some Screenshot During Gameplay 

Bootstrap Example

2 Steps to Unlock Download Like & Comment

Lazy to do Tasks? No Problem Click DOWNLOAD Below

Wait or Do the Tasks for Fast Downloads
Want to Download Without Timer then Complete these 2 Tasks Above that is
1.Like ,2.Comment then press on red Download Button

No responsibility is held or accepted for misuse.

Use at your own risk!

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